About Burbles Media

Burbles Media is the new disruptive playground for readers who want more. We
provide the extra that differentiates ordinary from extraordinary.

Imagine Tech in your everyday life
State Of the Nation is directly tied to your future.
Hot Takes are allowed, your opinions are as valid, let it out!
The Truths And Facts Don’t care about your feelings
It’s not just Entertainment, It is Nigerian music, Nollywood, Reality TV, It is
lifestyle, It is more.


Burbles Media is dedicated to promoting the Nigerian Entertainment Industry and its young teeming audience to the world. The Naija For Show phrase isn’t just a term in itself, it is the world’s most populous young audience reasserting itself as the giant it already is. At Burbles, we just provide the playground for the audience who wants more


Through our biggest export to the world which is Entertainment, we will change all negative narratives hovering around the Nigerian Identity. By keeping up with the fast paced world of tech, entertainment and policies that shape our lives, Burbles Media envisions to create more informed readers who will never stop being

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