Reactions As Ondo Chef, Deo Breaks Hilda Baci’s Record, Cooks For 150 Hours (Video)


Many Nigerians are currently celebrating Chef Deo’s accomplishment of breaking Hilda Baci‘s record after cooking for 150 hours.

In an effort to beat Hilda Baci’ s record, the talented chef began her 150- hour cooking marathon a few days ago when she made the announcement.

In a new video that has emerged online, a lot of people were seen at the forecourt jubilating and congratulating her for breaking the record and also staying strong.

Watch the video below:

The video has since sparked reactions online. Below are some of the reactions:

” umehwritesmedia- When GWR finish analyzing I hope she doesn’ t end up owing them hours 😭

s4sosa- Abeg make una still try celebrate her, we are all Nigerians. We shouldn’ t be hating on ourselves, na we dey use our own hand dey spoil things, should be proud of her, at least we have two Nigerians that have break the record, and I will pray it continues like that, the record should remain in Nigeria. Stop the hating 🙌

_fair_b- My own is that Hilda has done her own and finish, she has collected her certificate. She accomplished her goal she worked hard for, for 3 good years! ! If not more. Any other thing una de do no really concern me. Person go just wake up, no planning, no strategy. It’ s alright, may we all win

kencassy- Records are meant to be broken. . . . please don’ t antagonize her. Anyone can be great. . . Congrats.

i_am_efibugatti- Just got one question for y’ all envying and commenting sort of irrelevant comments, ” shey as Davido released his Debut TIMELESS ALBUM, make Wizkid starboy no release his own or Burna Boy no release his own Album? ” Na the same Kitchen them cook the food? Or na the same sponsors sponsored them? Even if nah the same sponsors, no be one company dey get different different artist as ambassador for their company? Naija youths lets focus on the failing government and how to make things better, than wasting time looking for who break and who repair records! #IRMC, (I Rest My Case)…”

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