We’re Taking A Dive Into Real Housewives of Lagos Star, Tiannah’s Extreme Designs


Toyin Lawani-Adebayo; fashion designer, stylist, entrepreneur, reality TV star is the founder and CEO of Tiannah Palace Empire. She is popularly known as Tiannah or ‘KOF (King of Fashion) by her clients and followers.

Tiannah, self-proclaimed ‘King of fashion’ is no stranger to being controversial, majorly for some of her extreme styling choices for herself and other celebrities.

The 40 year old is currently trending yet again, as a result of the outfit she created for ex Big Brother naija star; Ifuennada. Ifuennada showed up to the just concluded African Magic Viewers Choice Awards in what has been described by the internet as wearing “tires around her body”, “a black fountain”, “a dumbell”.

While some netizens were in firm support of her styling, many others weren’t. I’m personally of the opinion that even at the Met Gala (which some netizens claimed her styling would be seen as revolutionary at) that particular outfit would be just as questionable.

Tiannah has had other controversial outfits, like her famous‘chicken dress’, or her ‘metal pot and spoon’ dress (plus a helmet to top it off) or her ‘multiple shoe’ dress.


For the AMVCA runway and nominee event, she showed up in what we’re referring to as the ‘pro seamstress attire’, covered in different colored tape rules. She finished off the look with a basket hat (also made from tape rules), hand tape rule accessories, and a set of different colored scissors tucked into her long braid.

While some of her extreme fashions are at the highest point of extremity, we’ve found that a lot of her regular designs are actually pretty good.

Here are a couple more controversial designs from the designer;

The Real housewives of Lagos star is firm on her belief that her extreme designs are creative works of art. The saying; Art is subjective, applies in Tiannah’s case. While we’re convinced those that claim they get it, really do not, we’re glad she found her extreme-design-loving audience.


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