Beverly Naya Shares Her Secret Hack To Glowing Skin


It’s no secret that Nollywood actress, Beverly Naya has pretty good skin, she took to her Instagram to share her beauty secret with her followers and fans.


She shared her quick hack that got her glowing skin when she was out, she said;

Applying another layer of moisturizer to your skin after you’re all dressed up, will get your skin looking extra hydrated and extra fresh. This hack will leave your skin looking  moisturized all through the day, bonus is that it makes your skin radiate in natural light.

She says of her radiating skin hack; “This secret tip works best for days when you decide to put on an outfit that shows your chest and/or arms”, she includes a note to not spread her secret tip, as she intended for the tip to remain a secret.

To cement the effectiveness of her skin-radiating tip, the British-born actress showed off her well hydrated, yummy looking skin in a corseted off-white structured corset top, with cinched waist and cleavage on show. She paired the look with a pair of bell-bottom jeans. She accessorized with gold bangles, rings, and gold hoop earrings, and wore her full, natural curls to tie off the look perfectly.

She shared one of her main go-to products that gets her skin looking the way it does; @nivea_ng’s Rich Nourishing cream.

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