How Acting in Blue Films Is Now Affecting My Life – AfroCandy (Video)


Nollywood actress cum adult star, Judith Mazuagwu popularly known to many as AfroCandy as revealed regrets over delving into the adult industry after relocating to the United States several years ago.

Soon after relocating to meet her former husband, AfroCandy who was already known for her sexual nature and provocativeness decided to dive into pornographic work after their marriage ended.

Decades down the line, the x-rated actress has revealed how hard it is to evolve from her past.

Speaking about how acting in porn is affecting her life and desire to retire as a veterinarian, AfroCandy said:

AFROCANDY: I’ve fought so many battles in my life but this my God has kept me here. My husband abandoned me and two daughters to our fate in America. I had to do what I had to do to survive in America. That was when I started this porn business because I needed to pay my bills. And in this business, once you start off you can’t dump it. I can’t even do any regular job now. Several times, I tried doing regular jobs but it didn’t work out. Before I went into porn business and music, I did a course on Medical Billing and Coding in the United States. When I completed my training which collided with the time I was having marital crisis I couldn’t obtain my license.

AfroCandy also revealed that she actually went back to school last year to complete her training which, according to her, ended early this year. But up till now, she has still not gotten her license because the school authorities are aware that she’s a porn star. She said:

AFROCANDY: My plan is to end up as a veterinarian, while becoming a veteran porn star. When I finally become a veterinary doctor, nobody can stop me from working on animals. But they are wasting time to release my license because they know that I am a porn star. That’s why I said earlier that there are some habits you cultivate that you can hardly abandon.

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