Calm Down Nigerians! Here Is How Long It May Take Guinness World Record To Acknowledge Hilda Baci’s Cooking Attempt


Breaking a 4-year-old global record is no mean feat, and if we’re keeping it real, it takes way more than 24 hours to get due diligence done and the necessary approval from relevant authorities to make history.

But one thing about Nigerians: When we want something, we want it down in our timing, and that’s on period!

Chants and queries from Netizens on social media have saturated the media space since Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci attempted and broke the record for the longest cooking hours by an individual.

As the Nigerian gland for accountability would have it, citizens have ‘dragged’ the Guinness World Record for failing to acknowledge the historic cooking event at Amore Gardens, Lekki, that lasted for over 100 hours.

BURBLES MEDIA took the liberty to dig in on the process and tenets of the global history custodian, and we confirm that it takes not less than 12 weeks to get the necessary checks and approvals done.

A check on the Guinness World Records website shows that there are different stages to applying for and attempting a world record before getting it fully verified.

The first stage of the process allows GWR to review a proposal against its database of records before giving it a nudge to go for it. And the global history custodian has acknowledged that Hilda Baci did due diligence on that part.

Now, the second part of the application process is submitting evidence and review after the individual has attempted the record. It can take no less than 12 weeks to get the second stage done for standard applications. However, priority applications that come at a cost may be reviewed within 5 working days.

Editor’s Note: Hilda turned off her cooking gas at exactly 8 p.m. Nigerian time on Monday, May 15, 2023, and we believe she and her team may need some breather before gathering their pieces of evidence to send to the Guinness World Records for review.

So yeah, Nigerians, please calm down.

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