“The pre-wedding photos y’all missed” – Nadia Buari says, teases cosy pictures with Ramsey Nouah


Nadia Buari, a Ghanaian actress, has shared pre-wedding photos with Ramsey Nouah, which have left many rooting and praying for them to tie the knot.

The marriage of Nigerian actor Ramsey Nouah and Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari is eagerly anticipated by their respective fan bases.

Many people’s hearts were warmed when the movie star released wedding images of her and Ramsey Nouah from comedian Ayo Makun’s most recent film.

“I can’t wait for you all to see the magic we created in this one,” Nadia Buari said in the caption accompanying the photo.

Many people are acting as matchmakers between the talented actors as a result of the undeniably adorable wedding photos.

Ayo Makun commented, “A couple and more

Rukky Sanda also commented, “My favourite

One Maxeewell wrote, “These two people should just marry in real life, na abeg.

One Iniscodugo wrote, “Something in me is telling me how I wish it was real. It looks so real.

One Afua Lartebea wrote, “Nadia, you need to marry Ramsy.”

One Pep Gee wrote, “At first I thought it was real.”

One Nezaba Aline wrote, “For a second, I thought these two got married, lol. Then, after reading the caption, I was like, “Damn.”

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