Why I’m Marrying My Husband Again After 10 Years – Real Warri Pikin


After ten years of marriage, Nigerian comedian, actress, and media personality Anita Asuoha, also known as Real Warri Pikin, has decided to renew her vows to her husband. Real Warri Pikin and her husband, Ikechukwu Asuoha, are one of Nigeria’s most popular power couples, and they constantly flaunt each other, their family, and their relationship for all to see on social media.

During a new interview with The Punch, Real Warri Pikin finally revealed the real reason for her decision to marry her husband again in June, as well as how she got her name and what the secret to her peaceful home has been all these years. Here’s what Real Warri Pikin had to say about it.

First of all, during the interview, Real Warri Pikin explained what made her choose the name ‘Real Warri Pikin’. She narrated the story saying:

REAL WARRI PIKIN: I used to make videos and send them to a group chat I had with some of my friends and colleagues when I used to work at the National Youth Service Corps. I would make them critique the videos and they usually did. One day, I told them I wanted to get a name and one of them, Nene, said “Real Warri Pikin,” and I said that is the name and since then, it stuck. Also, because I love to identify with where I am from, it made a lot of sense to me.

After 10 years of marriage, Real Warri Pikin and her husband Ikechukwu Asuoha decided to renew their marriage vows and do a whole new wedding. Explaining the decision to do this, Real Warri Pikin said:

REAL WARRI PIKIN: Yes, I am getting married again and it is my dream wedding. When we got married 10 years ago, it was a low-budget wedding and it was not what we dreamed our wedding would be like. We told ourselves that if God blesses us in 10 years to come, we will have our dream wedding. God has blessed us, we are doing well, so come June, I will be getting married again to my husband.

Explaining what she believes is the secret to what has kept her home so peaceful all these years, Real Warri Pikin said:

REAL WARRI PIKIN: When we have two people who forgive, who see themselves as partners and support each other, and the man can make submission ready for the woman, and the ego man in turn is ready, I respect the man.

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