“Why I linked up with lady I met at Davido’s concert”- Iyanya (VIDEO)


Nigerian singer Iyanya has taken to social media to clear the air on his interaction with the pretty lady he met at Davido’s Timeless concert, Florence.

In the past two weeks, Iyanya has made headlines after he took to social media to search for the lady and eventually found her.

In a recent development, the music star took to his Twitter page to update fans on what his intentions were and how things had fared between him and Florence.

Iyanya claimed he met the pretty girl at Davido’s concert when she continued to eye him, and he could not forget her smile, so he posted about it online.

According to the singer, the lady, who is named Florence, reached out, so he posted her picture and asked his team to get in touch with her.

He explained that after discussing this with Florence, it was discovered that she was struggling with depression because of a close family member who was battling cancer, and she attended the Davido concert to cheer herself up.

He went on to state that when he was informed, he decided to give her a treat in Lagos.

According to him, plans were made for Florence to come to Lagos so that Iyanya could help “put a smile on her face.”

He added that a hotel was booked for Florence, new clothes and hair were bought for her, perfumes were bought, an iPhone was bought, and more


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