Refund their money or give them their land – Drama as Toyin Abraham drags real estate company


Actress Toyin Abraham has dragged a real estate company she worked for, telling them to refund their customers money or give them the land they paid for.

Without mentioning the name of the company, the actress in different messages on her Instagram story poured out her heart while recounting the painful ordeal she went through as a brand ambassador.

This is coming just hours after the actress announced that her contract with Revolution Plus Property would come to on end on the 31st of January.

Revolution Plus is a real estate company that has been embroiled in alleged fraudulent activities.

In Toyin Abraham’s lengthy posts, the mother of one recounted how she has been dealing with threats, curses, and tears from victims the organization has allegedly scammed because they trusted the brand because of her celebrity status and influence.

In response to alleged shades from the real estate company, Toyin Abraham who said she won’t keep calm fired back at them. Stating that her contract was terminated simply because she stopped advertising for them and advised the brand to settle existing customers complaints before taking money from new ones.

Toyin Abraham also claimed that if anything happens, she has already forwarded messages regarding their ‘mess’ to 15 top people in the Lagos state government and Federal level as we.

The filmmaker wrote in part:

“I am not keeping mute again, you have turned me into a beast, into an animal so deal it. Because I love and I hype you, I hype people I love with my life, I told you to sort people before we start the advert and the next thing is for you to shade me and make me look bad in the presence of people that look up to me,

“I have cried, begged, I even asked a lot of people to please beg you people that we need to know what the issue is but no you don’t care, you want me to continue doing advert so people can bring more money and not get what they paid for. …..you terminated my deal because, in your words, I reduced affection and a reluctant approach towards publicly identifying with the brand because I said it is wrong to continue posting when some people haven’t gotten what they paid for….God forbid!.”

“Please keep shading me, this rime around Lagos state government will be the one to settle it cos any more shade from anyone I promise you and yes people must get their refund or what they paid for. Don’t talk, don’t talk you are a star till they will ruin someone’s life and reputation, this is the only thing I do for a living. People have issue, but rectify it and apologize and act on righting the wrong instead of moving on like nothing is wrong.

“I wake up to curses and threats every day of my life because of what? Please for the records I never collected any land, house, or car from Revolution plus company, I was paid for my services and get paid for product placement in my movie if need be, please once again I wasn’t given any land or house at all. You terminated contract cos you feel i’m not doing enoough after taking bullets for the company, my mum, mum in law and godmum were all dragged over this issue….”

If people don’t get their refund or land then the campaign will start fully and I’m sure we have a good government I trust them all they needed is just a start and I will use same face you use in selling to people to start the campaign with my full chest since close door doesn’t work for you people then let’s start open door… shading me n telling me l’m not loyal because I said we should sort people out.

I’m still thinking out loud o I will post every thing I mean every thing so start refunding or allocating now d d enough is enough

Since you people think I’m stupid then I will let you know l’m not stupid I only love and I hate wahala but once it come I full ground and just a little reminder you know I won’t do anything without those people knowing just a reminder that it’s a full force from above I mean above Patapata so it’s better you start paying people now or give them their land.

I will post the contract.I will post the letter, I will post the videos start refunding them now or give them their land or else I will start the campaign with full force and yet I will start it since u people don’t like close door and u want social media drama I will give u,do u know how many times I have begged bloggers, I was reported to a king and was summoned but I still stood strong for u and u come on social media to shade me and make people feel

I’m not a loyal person when I know the company doesn’t have any issue,ara adugbo egbami ke,u only stand with company or people that have issues but u people do not have a single issue so pls refund people their money or give them their land before I start talking cos I’m still thinking out loud

I’m now fully DADA and yes u finally turn me into a beast, u have turn me into an animal so kindly deal with it, because I love u,I hype people that I love with all my life,I told u sort people before we start advert n next is for u to shade me n make me look bad in the presence of people that look upto me. I don’t want to talk atall so refund their money now or allocate their land and that message has being forwarded to top 15 people already including lagos state and federal so they know if anything happens they know what to do

If you release any press release I promise to tackle it because I know there’s no issue/problem at alljust refund or give people their land or house.

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