Iyabo Ojo on fire for fighting Comedian Princess over Apostle Suleiman Interview with Halima Abubakar


Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo has been attacked by some of her netizens after she called out comedian princess to express her displeasure for conducting the Apostle Suleiman interview with Halima Abubakar.

She stated that Princess had betrayed and been disloyal to me by letting Gistlover know that I called her on the phone while Halima’s interview with Apostle Suleman was ongoing.

The action has sparked reactions from her followers on social media, with many of them condemning.



One Wole wrote:
“With all the pressure Princess was on that interview day with Halima, she still ignored all the questions that bothers about Iyabo, obviously if she did ask Halima, Halima will surely pure out that day cos Halima Dey vex, what does Iyabo want? Stella Otobo mentioned her name that time, her name Don come out this time, Goldmyne TV posted something overnight about her but quickly deleted it, why calling Princess when you obviously knew she was on IG Live ? Something doesn’t seem to be right”

One Shola wrote
“So all those I stand with princess na Oju aye, u Dey wait to get favour in return , she obviously avoided all d questions about iyabo , na guilty conscience wan finish u iyabo…Ola Oba lo je oo cos u be Oba wife

Rubbish, always acting like na only she get fire for head. Something you supposed ignore totally or have a chat with your friend . Princess was even overwhelmed then, it was a harmless comment. worst case you go call am para for her , if she continues like this , How many people go remain for her corner, abegi!! Typical building a mountain out of a mole hill , person wey supposed dey low key and protecting Her new home .as an interviewer if princess come ask Halima about iyabo relationship with sulamon nkor ? she go kill am ” one Lola wrote

One Fola wrote:

“Princess meant no harm, she respected her friendship with Iyabo, iyabo has d right to feel betrayed too, but then they should both settle it amicably because a lot of people are actually waiting for them to fall out”



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