10 Nollywood Actors Who Effortlessly Act In Both Yoruba And English Movies


Nigerians were taken aback by veteran actor Chidi Mokeme‘s ability to flow in Yoruba for his role as Scar in the Shanty Town film. Scar doubles as a pimp—a loan shark who heads a slum with prostitutes indebted to him in the heart of Eko. While Chidi’s acting impressed many, it also came as a surprise to cybernauts that the thespian is well-versed in speaking the Yoruba language.

In light of the surprise, we bring you Nollywood stars who have appeared on both sides of the English and Yoruba arms of the industry.

Chidi Mokeme

The Anambra-born actor featured in the 2003 classic Nollywood Yoruba movie, Motara Johnson where he spoke Yoruba fluently. In a recent Shanty Toe film, the actor was seen speaking Yoruba several times, as if he were a Yoruba actor.

Sobowale Sola

Sola Sobowale is a genuine scene stealer, a consummate thespian who is unconstrained by roles or audiences. She rose to prominence in the early 1990s after appearing in the contentious Yoruba home video Asewo To Re Mecca (The Prostitute Who Went to Mecca) and also as Toyin Tomato in the critically acclaimed Wale Adenuga series Super Story. Since then, she has appeared in about 200 films, both in Yoruba and in English.

Jide Kosoko

A highly decorated actor, Jide Kosoko is one of the most popular veteran actors in the movie industry who has as much presence in the Yoruba arm of Nollywood as in English. He is so talented he is considered by colleagues to be a chameleon when it comes to assuming characters to translate his roles.

Rachael Oniga

Late Nollywood actress Rachael Oniga, up until her death, featured heavily in both English and Yoruba arms of Nollywod. Thespian was born to an Urhobo father and an Isoko mother, Oniga hails from Eku in Delta State. Her multi-lingual acting ability has served her well as an actress, and she has, on that account, amassed many movies under her belt.

Bimbo Akintola

Forget the fact she’s on the stake for her recent comments about APC’s Tinubu. Very versed and talented, Bimbo has never disappointed her fans and admirers since her superlative role in the award-winning ‘Owo Blow’ was released several years ago. Till date, Bimbo has remained a force in both the English and Yoruba movie sectors. Her appearance in Yoruba flicks may not be constant, but she is one of those actresses soaring in the two areas.

Saidi Balogun

Saidi Balogun’s successful films, such as Eti Keta and Modupe Temi, demonstrate that he knows the fundamentals of filmmaking. Balogun is well-known in Yoruba films, but he has also appeared in a number of English films, including Above Love and Foreign Affairs.

Adeolu Adeosho Funsho

Funso is an actor who can easily move between Yoruba and English films, but he has largely appeared in Yoruba films.

Kelvin Ikeduba

Kelvin Ikeduba is dubbed the “Bad Boy of Nollywood” by his fans. Though he began with English films, his foray into the Yoruba genre of films has been enormously successful. Kelvin is a well-known crossover actor.

Kehinde Bankole

Kehinde Bankole is a Nollywood actress who is flawless in delivering her roles both in Yoruba and English movies, which has earned her many accolades and awards. Kehinde is a popular cross-over act.

Funke Akindele

Funke Akindele dabbled in English Nollywood films, although her career was built in Yoruba Nollywood. Akindele has appeared in a number of stunning Yoruba and English films, making her one of the industry’s new and bankable faces.

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