Reconciliatory moves? — Inside estranged couple, Yewande Adekoya and Abiodun Thomas’ marriage


Popular Nollywood actress, filmmaker and movie producer, Yewande Adekoya was married for 8 years to actor cum movie producer, Abiodun Ishola Thomas.

Yewande and Ishola’s marriage

Yewande and Ishola got married in 2013 after dating for five years. Their union has been blessed with two beautiful daughters. They have both managed to keep their lives private but in 2022, the couple began to trend due to marital problems.

In April 2022, while revealing that her marriage is over, Yewande Adekoya called Abiodun out on social media after he supposedly packed out of their matrimonial home. She claimed he left for an undisclosed lodge, leaving her alone to fend for their children.

She further claimed that the marriage had been facing turbulence due to Abiodun’s serial cheating ways, emotional abuse, lavish lifestyle, and irresponsibility.

To make matters worse, several women also took to their social media handles to report the supposed flirty actions of the movie star while he was still married to his wife. Many even shared screenshots of such messages as proof to back their claim.

In Yewande’s words when revealing what transpired in an interview, she said:

“For 14 years, I have been emotionally abused by him, he talks to me anyhow, i used to cry almost everyday when we were together, begging him to show me love, begging him to treat me right, to act responsibly, i was our financial backbone all through the years, but I never for once complained, I just wanted him to grow up and act responsibly, honor our marriage. He just wants to keep enjoying life and leave the serious part to me to handle…

He has different girls, at the beginning of our relationship, I was convinced he was faithful and then imagine my shock when i started seeing things that can drive an emotional woman mad, I almost went mad o, thank God for God, therapy and my family, he broke me to pieces…it hurts cos I was 100% loyal to him, he took my virginity….he was my first”

But the issue I have is that, I don’t really want my family issues out there. You don’t know how much I love this man. He is the father of my kids.

All I was asking him to do is love me for real, and treat me with respect and he left.

My husband left me. I am in my father’s house now, 10minutes away from my matrimonial home. I didn’t pack out of my matrimonial home. He left me.”

In another post, Yewande blamed one of his friends, Jigan Baba Oja. She held the actor responsible for influencing her husband’s wrong behavior and encouraging his cheating ways.

In her words to Jigan Babaoja:

“Don’t tell me you don’t know anything. You knew he was having problems at home. You knew he left home. You knew he was losing grip of himself. You knew he was going deeper and deeper into his toxic habits and you kept indulging him and believing in his delusional reason for going gaga.

You know that he has issues with self-reflecting. You know he is usually unable to help himself or solve his own problems but can help others solve their own. You know all his weaknesses. Biodun can see and help other people with their problems if he is in the right frame of mind but he can’t help himself.

He has been unable to experience genuine growth as a person, he needs therapy. He is always making serious mistakes in his life. Instead of helping your friend and brother. You kept indulging him because you like the more toxic version of him better.

If you really loved your friend you would have helped him with how he is managing his profile right now. He is doing badly with that and you all are watching him make a fool of himself.

You guys are together in Ibadan at the moment and you let your friend mismanage his life like this. I shake my head. Keep believing all the lies instead of finding out the truth. I don’t care what anybody thinks anymore.”

Abiodun Thomas, also known as ‘Aunty Milly’, did not make a public statement to refute the allegations laid against him and the state of their marriage. He is also tight-lipped regarding his private life so that hardly anything is known about him outside the movie scenes.

And as the saying goes ‘silence means consent’, this may have led many or take sides with the actress, while passing harsh judgment on the actor.

While the situation was yet escalating, Yewande Adekoya came out once again to plead her ex-husband’s cause. She reminded her fans of his flaws as a human and importantly as he still remains the father of her children.

Reconciliatory moves:

It seems there may yet be light at the end of the tunnel for these Nollywood couple who many of their fans hope get back together.

Although Yewande has channeled her energy into creating contents on social media and seems happy, it is not news that the actress is still in love with her estranged husband, much to the chagrin of many of her fans.With the latest developments which you will read going forward, many have pleaded with the actress to let bygones be bygones and we patiently await what happens next.

Fast forward to the 20th of January, 2023 as Yewande Adekoya celebrated her 40th birthday, her estranged husband also took to his page to celebrate her.

Many were shocked when Abiodun Thomas wished his estranged wife a happy birthday, while calling her his ‘one and only wife’.Recall the producer and father of two who celebrated his birthday on the 25th of December, 2022 didn’t get a social media message or post from the actress.

Interestingly, Abiodun Ishola Thomas ‘reclaimed’ Yewande Adekoya as his wife and partner in his public birthday message to her, which she ignored despite tagging her. See post below:Hours after, Yewande Adekoya  responded to her Abiodun Thomas’ plea and reconciliation attempt, in another post the latter made.

In the post, the movie producer shared another photo of Yewande Adekoya and tendered his profound apology to her for all his wrongdoings. The father-of-two while try to reconcile wrote:

“Darling in the spirit of your birthday I want to use this time to say I’m sorry once more for the things I have done wrongly and also to tell you that I love you and i will continue to love you even more. May God continue to bless and guide us throughout our lifetime.

Enjoy ur big day my love

Let’s focus on the brighter side of life”

Yewande Adekoya responded to his apology in the comment section. She wrote:

“Haaaaaa Ishola. I don’t even know what to say.”

Then she took to her own page and prayed that God grant her wisdom. See below:

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