“I don’t want it” – Nigerian mom rejects car gift from her son who is still a student (Video)


A viral video of the moment a Nigerian mother rejected a car gift from her son has sparked reactions on social media.

The incident was captured in a short video shared by Nigerian Politician Maria Ude Nwachi, via her verified Facebook handle.

In the clip, the Nigerian mum broke into tears after her son presented a Lexus SUV to her on her birthday. She accused the lad of being an internet fraudster and lamenting that he intended to use her next for rituals by virtue of the car gift.

The disturbed mother could be heard saying her son is still a student, asking him what he does to be able to afford such pricey vehicle.

Despite attempts by the young man and his cohorts to convince her into accepting the gift, she refused and ordered him to take it away.

Watch the video below:

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