Skit makers, Ashmusy and Ada Jesus spark reactions by shooting skit about Nedu’s hotel story [VIDEO]


Nigerian skit makers, Amarachi Amusi aka Ashmusy and Nons Mirak alias Ada Jesus, have taken Nedu Wazobia’s story about his encounter at a hotel and turned it into a skit.

The actor cum TV host said he walked in on two popular female influencers engaging in bedroom activity with someone he knows at Transcorp hotel in Abuja.

Nedu shared the story on an episode of his joint podcast, Frankly Speaking.

Nons Miraj and Ashmusy who were recently accused of being the supposed influencers in Nedu’s expose decided to do a skit dwelling on their reaction to the situation.

The two friends chose to turn it into a comical situation so they acted as though they were the girls Nedu caught in the hotel room, after series of debunking.

Ashmusy could be seen quarreling and fighting with her friend for not locking the door, thereby making it easy for Nedu to gain access.

See video and reactions below:

While sharing the story, Nedu said:

”I have walked in once on some of your influencers/celebrities two of them having a three$ome with somebody I know.

“Yes I said it. I have walked in on two of your favorite influencers/celebrities in Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja. They saw me and they expect me to respect them and I respect them enough not to mention their names”.

Hours later, a gossip blog claimed Nedu was referring to Ashmusy and Ada Jesus when they supposedly had a threesome with Senator Dino Melaye. This claim led to a lot of venting out from all three parties, claiming they were innocent.

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