Former Twitter Owner, Jack Dorsey Launches New Social Media Platform Days After Elon Musk’s N19trn Purchase


Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has announced the launch of BlueSky Social, a new social network app.

Barely a week after billionaire businessman Elon Musk snapped up Twitter in an $44 billion (N19.2trn ) long-drawn deal.

Dorsey’s blockchain company, Bluesky social, announced that it is currently enlisting users for its beta testing.

According to the company’s representatives, the announcement enticed about 30,000 users to sign up within two days.

BlueSky claims that it will enable users to move between a number of social platforms with just one high-quality browser in its app. This will let users control what they see and how much data is provided to social platforms (algorithmic choice).

According to reports, the company could be using web3 to achieve this performance in the network.

Additionally, BlueSky promises its users that AT Protocol will ensure anonymity for unaccountable cooperations owning a person’s online identity. Accounts, however, can be moved from one provider to another without data or social graph loss.

Dorsey stated in 2019 that Twitter is morphing into an open and decentralised standard for social media.

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