I Love My GF But She Showers Twice A Month – Confused Man Laments


A man in love has shared that his girlfriend only showers once in two weeks which his didn’t notice until they became a live-in couple.

The confused man said he loves his partner but can’t cope with the offensive odour that oozes out of her.

He reveals that they’ve spoken about the issue a couple of times but it appears she’s not looking to change.

Read his full account below:

I love her, but I did NOT know what I was getting into. She doesn’t shower frequently. At all. She showers at max once every other week,”
he said.

“Before we moved in together I didn’t notice any particular BAD smell. Occasionally she had BO which is human. I’m guessing she would take her occasional shower before seeing me?”

“After a few months of trying to live with it, I was fed up. I had been sleeping on the couch because the smell was so terrible. I sat her down and tried to have a serious conversation about it,” he said.

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