Lagos Chronicles: How A Bus Driver Invited Me To Join Him And I Finished His Akara – Pregnant Lady Recounts


A Nigerian woman recalls the time her pregnancy hormones got the best of her in a moment of craving for someone else’s food.

The lady identified as Gold Olafudi Shakirat on Twitter, recounted her pregnancy from 8 years ago where she had to join a bus driver she’d boarded his bus to eat his Akara meal. According to her, the driver, out of courtesy, offered her his Fried Yam and Akara while in transit.

The lady who’d tapped up the sumptuous smell of Akara quickly joined the driver to share his meal till they were left with one last ball before she stopped.

Quite a story teller Ms Gold was – she added that she bought a bottle of Fanta for the driver while the bewildered faces of other passengers in the bus saw her off when she alighted.

Read her tweet below:

The bus driver told me, “e wa jeun” when I was pregnant. I was already looking for where the smell of akara and fried yam was coming from. We were doing pick one together till it was only one left. I now said, “e jeki n fikale fun yin.” The poor man said, “ese ma.”
In my defense

I had vomited all day, & that was the only thing that stayed in my tummy. Another person’s food. I bought him fanta sha😁.
The people in the bus were looking at me like😦 I was like – 😌😌 When I came down and they saw my tummy- Ah, abajo, alabara meji ni. God bless that driver!


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