11-Year-Old Weed-Smoking Student Steals His Teacher’s Car At Gun Point In The US


An 11-year-old boy identified as 556g_body on Instagram has been arrested by the US Police for stealing a car in a broad daylight.

A Twitter user, identified as Kennedy, took to the social media platform to share a photo of the young boy holding a gun while seated inside a car. In another slide of the photo, he was spotted smoking weed.

Another friend of the lady whose car was stolen by the middle school boy also revealed in a tweet that the boy took his co-worker’s car key and made away with the vehicle.

A few hours later, he reported that the stolen car had been found, although it was damaged by the middle school boy and his peers, who took the car a few miles away from the school.

While the young boy was being interrogated by the police, he stated that he took his grandma’s car because he was mad at his mom.

In the short video footage that is making the rounds, when asked why he took that action, he noted that he wanted to take the car because it is fun to do bad things.

“I want to do it because it’s fun. It’s fun to do bad things and drive in a car.”


Back Story

A lady identified as Joyce Winston, who is supposedly a teacher, earlier took to social media to share a photo of her car, crying out that her car keys were stolen, and later found out that her car had also been stolen after she couldn’t find her keys.

Expressing her sadness over the incident, she stated that she hasn’t even had her car for a year but yet had it stolen. She wrote:


My keys were stolen by a student and then my car was stolen.. in broad daylight.. a few feet away from the school. After a long day of teaching I realized this. I had personal information in my car and my keys went to important things. Every cardl own and my wallet was in my car… I feel violated… I feel

helpless. Goodbye Jackson. This was my final straw. If you see this car please call 911. Thank you in advance.. I haven’t even had my car a year. I’m lost for words.


The incident sparked reactions on social media as netizens had a lot to say about a middle school boy of 11 stealing a car. See some reactions below.





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