How My Wife Went From 45kg To 60kg In A Less Than A Year – Man Shares Tips


A Nigerian physiotherapist simply identified as Ademola has shared how his wife, Aramide went from 45kg to 60kg in less than a year.

The medical practitioner shared practical steps on how he helped his wife who was struggling to gain healthy weight add some extra kg in few months.

Ways to gain Weight

Taking to Twitter he wrote:

This is a short thread for anyone who has been struggling to gain “healthy” weight; most especially women.

Read and Retweet 🧡🙏 About a year ago, I took my partner to the gym for the first time. She was about 45kg and has been struggling with weight gain for a while now.


Trust me, she tried everything possible, but nothing worked.

I started her on a weight gain program using my in-depth knowledge of exercise physiology. At the gym, random people will approach me to take it easy with her. Usually along the lines of “that’s too heavy,

what’s she doing at the gym, she’ll lose more weight, blabla” … But we continued.
The gym raised her appetite by 3 folds, she started eating more, lifting more and of course, weighing more
Now, she weighs close to 60kg. Her journey

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