James Brown Shares Messages He Received From His Dad After Buying Him An iPhone 13 Pro Max (video)


Popular Nigerian crossdresser and self-acclaimed drag queen, James Brown, has shared the messages he received from his dad, Peter Obiolar after he gifted him an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

James Brown recently took to his Snapchat account to reveal that he bought his father an iPhone 13 Pro Max, and he proceeded to thank him.

On the crossdresser’s Snapchat, he showed the private conversation of the moment his father bombarded him with a series of voice notes as he showed his appreciation for the gift.

Thanking James Brown, Peter Obiolar also noted that he had made him happy and went on to shower him with words of prayer, saying that he would never go down.

The socialite’s father also stated that he enjoys the phone, but that it consumes an excessive amount of data. One of the voice notes reads:


I am fine. You make me happy, I am happy. I am enjoying the phone seriously. Very fast and okay. It’s only it consumes data but I’m enjoying it. God will bless you, you will never go down.


The video of James Brown’s father’s reaction after being gifted an iPhone 13 Pro Max amused fans as they reacted to the post. See some reactions below.


@Swt juie: “Wait oo so ur papa knows about ur cross dressing??? Abi no be ur papa be that, maybe na one of ur colleagues in the business.”


@Iam jayscalar: “His Dad is happy and praying for his child, that’s all that really matters, as long as his family Dey okay with am, e no get Netin people talk wey go disturb am. In this life just make money.”


@Chichi1beke: “But let truth be told.. This is an amazing father. A father that loves his son just as she is. He may not agree with his lifestyle and choices, but he still loves her.”


@Mikkytorino: “Moral lesson: if ur parents are hard on you, it’s bcus u don’t have money, go and hustle.”


@Leaddyskincare: “Parent wey take care of pikin,na hin pikin go take care of.”


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