Video Of Lady Making 5-Days Emergency Whitening Soap With Hollandia Yoghurt, Honey Goes Viral Online – Watch


A video circulating social media on Monday has shown a local soap maker on Tik Tok in the process of producing what she termed as 5-Days Emergency Whitening Soap.

The now-viral video of the lady adding different mixtures including Hollandia Yogurt, and Honey has got social users worried.

The lady who described the process of making the soap to her Tik Tok Followers pegged the price of the Emergency Whitening soap at N8,000 per cup and by reactions seen on her page, customers were in line waiting to place their orders.

Watch the video and read reactions fro Twitter users below:

A confused social media user identified as Ramoni on Twitter wrote:

“Emergency whitening soap”.Wtf are these people mixing up and selling?. Whitening in 5 days?”

Mainezman wrote: “What sort of emergency calls for you to be white in 5 days🤣🤣 is slave trade coming back?”

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