Trending Video: Nigerian Woman Throws Husband Out Of Their House In UK


A viral video making the rounds on social media shows the moment a Nigerian woman, threw her husband out of their home in the United Kingdom after he allegedly called the police to arrest his wife.

It is understood that the unidentified couple got into a heated argument and the wife allegedly threatened to kill the husband, named Charles in the video provided.

Also in the video, friends of the couple could be seen trying to make peace after the woman had thrown her husband’s belongings on the streets. She could be heard saying this marriage is scattered and nobody can do anything about it while retorting to her husband’s friends who were mediating for both parties.

A source who shared the video claims that the man brought his wife from Nigeria to the United Kingdom and sponsored her through University while also taking care of their kids. The video has since sparked the debate of men sponsoring their wives’ eduction and flying them abroad.

Watch the video band see some reactions below:

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