Let Us Know When It Folds, Samsung Throws Shade As Apple Launches It’s iPhone 14 Series


Samsung has mocked Apple’s newly-unveiled iPhone 14 phones  by pointing out that they can’t be folded, unlike it’s Galaxy Z Flip phones.

IPhone 14

Their mobile division sent several tweets shading Apple’s new phones shortly after they were unveiled on Wednesday.



“Let us know it when it folds,” they tweeted.


They then took a shot at the phone’s shape, branding it “boxy”

“Nice. A little boxy, but nice. We prefer a round shape ourselves. Classic.”

The tweets are the latest attempts by Samsung to shade Apple after their Buckle Up video, released last week.

The video highlighted features which Samsung envisaged that the new iPhone 14 range were unlikely to have.

Features included Z Fold/Flip series or the “highest resolution camera” and 100x Space Zoom like its Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Samsung has apparently taken the rivalry offline as well, with a  Twitter user sharing a photo of a giant Samsung billboard mocking the camera upgrade offered by Apple’s latest range of phone.

The billboard shows Samsung boasting that their phones have come with an 8k camera for over two years now.

They responded to the user’s tweet with two emojis.

Apple previous phone range, the iPhone 13 has not been spared by Samsung either, as they ridiculed Apple’s announcement that the phones would now come in a green colour.

After the phones were unveiled in March, Samsung’s Twitter account suggested that the shade was very similar to the Galaxy S22 Ultra

Ultra? Green? We’re feeling sincerely flattered right now.”

Fans were, however, quick to point out that this is not the first iPhone offered in green.



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