BBNaija Season 7: Sheggz Threatens To Leave Bella For His Ex-Girlfriend


Like clockwork, BBNaija Season 7’s  power couple Bella and Sheggz engaged in yet another lovers tiff, where Bella revealed that her romantic interest, Sheggz threatened to break up and return to his ex immediately after the show.

BBNaija: Sheggz, Bella kick off hot relationship talk - P.M. News

In a moment of self realization, Bella confronted Sheggz in the toilet and berated him over his incessant threats of ending the relationship, especially after his recent comments where he told Bella that he would return to his ex after the show, further going on to add that he spoke to her a week before they came to the house.

After her explosive tirade, Sheggz began apologizing from the bathroom and even further went on to kneel in the bedroom to cement his apologies, promising not to leave her and assuring her that he cared for the approval of her family members.

The couple would go on to settle their differences and head to the kitchen.

This would be the umpteenth time Bella and Sheggz would be at loggerheads, early in the week, they had been warped in a dispute where Sheggz called her “sick” and asked if she was stupid.

You will recall that at the onset of the show, certain viewers accused Sheggz of being violent with the ex in question, although there have been no concrete proof to the allegations.


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