Food Seller Returns Misplaced File Containing Hard Currencies In Lagos Airport (Photos)


A Nigerian lady identified as Anthony Oluwadamilare has left netizens awestruck after she returned a misplaced file containing hard currencies and other sensitive documents to the owner.

A Twitter user, King D!V!NE Esq, who claims to be the owner of the missing items, misplaced the file on August 22, 2022, when he went to eat at her restaurant.

The contents of the misplaced file were a whopping sum of €3000, $200, a law school certificate, Madonna University certificate WAEC results, and IELTS, among others.

According to Divine, the restaurant owner, Anthony Oluwadamilare, saw it and kept it safe with all documents and currencies intact.

Recounting how he lost his file before he boarded a flight back abroad, he stated that he thought he had misplaced the file at MMIA airport terminal or on a flight to Istanbul, Turkey.

On going back to check where his instinct directed him to, he was greeted with the good news that his file was safe with all documents and currencies complete.

Surprisingly, the restaurant owner doesn’t want anything in return and refused to be appreciated, according to Twitter user, D!V!NE.

The post has quickly generated different reactions from netizens. Here is how social media users reacted to her kind gestures.


@Wizard: “Buy her Infinix gadget as an appreciation. If she keeps seeing it she will remember the good she did and encourage her kid’s or those around her to do likewise.”


@Henry Osehimolen: “God bless her mightily in Jesus name- Amen. Such a refreshing news amidst all the negatives pressing to make it look like nothing good there is in Nigeria.”


@Ozilis: “These are people and situations that require awards and recognition, but we’ll be celebrating bbn junkies.”


@Oyinyechi: “Thank You JESUS. What God can not do does not exist.. Good people still exist everywhere and that lady is one of them.”

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