Victoria Inyama Responds To The Backlash Over Her Comments About Peter Obi’s Supporters


Former Nollywood actress Victoria Inyama has hit back after being criticized for her latest comments about Peter Obi’s supporters.

Victoria Inyama

The mum-of-three  had left a comment on a post by media personality, Daddy Freeze, classifying the supporters of the Labour Party’s presidential candidate into three groups.

Peter Obi

On the now-deleted post, Daddy Freeze noted that Obi’s supporters are either ‘Obidients, Zombidients or Obidiots’ and Victoria left a comment on the post agreeing with him, leading to the backlash.

“Number 2 are major 70%. Ask what they are supporting him for and no clue,” she wrote.

The UK-based then doubled down on the comments on her own page, branding Obi’s supporters “evil and vile” people who are consumed by hate.

“So Daddy Freeze Posts…I agree …..Then Ya’all come to my page to get noticed,” she wrote.

“I have the right to like whatever l want……My comment….My Phone….I feel so sorry for alot of you….Your Hate consumes U……So l must like what you like or Agree with Ya’all……

Goodness…..U want a decent Man as a President but You are all so E..V..I..L…

“U want a Messiah to save U but filled with V..I.. L..E… Hearts……….

Your rants can’t do nothing

“Daddy Freeze deleted his post but your evil ones still picked on my comment…..

“Buhari still dey…..All una Politicians still dey….Una ranting no do them anything, them even full London for summer…”

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