Amara Kanu Drums Up Support For Arsenal Ahead Of Aston Villa Clash


Amara Kanu, wife of former Super Eagles Captain, Nwankwo Kanu, is drumming up support for Arsenal ahead of their match against Aston Villa later this evening.

Amara Kanu

The mum-of-three took to Instagram Wednesday to share a video of herself in an Arsenal shirt, blue jeans and a pair of red Valentino Rock Stud pumps.

“Go Arsenal! Come closer, come to this logo,” she said, pointing to the team logo on her shirt.




Amara loves football and has always been passionate supporter of the North London club where her husband played for six years.

In 2016 she told the Punch that she fell in love with the sport after her marriage.


Amara Kanu


“When I was getting married, I was not ready to be thrust into the limelight. I didn’t even know what I was getting into,” she recalled

“I wasn’t a football fan and I knew nothing about  the Premiership. I didn’t know I was getting married into that level of limelight as I was young, vibrant and in love. I am now a football fan.”


Amara Kanu

Then in a 2017 interview with The Pulse, she explained that she would always support Arsenal no matter what.

“It’s a fast life but you get to meet people. You get to go behind-the-scenes of the lights and camera”, she told the outlet.

“The whole feeling of football and the love of the game, it all looks perfect on the screen but behind the scenes, there’s a lot of work that goes into keeping things together”.

“I can tell you that I have my jersey. I’m ready to support Arsenal to the end, regardless. It’s home



Amara Kanu


“Every club and business have their high times and times when they need to re-assess and maybe Arsenal is going through their re-assessment now. Whatever it is, I’m still supporting Arsenal.”, she added.



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