I’m Obsessed With Leaving A Legacy- Fireboy DML


Singer Fireboy DML has revealed that he is obsessed with leaving a legacy like Michael Jackson, Fela Anikulakpo-Kuti and King Sunny Ade.


Fireboy DML

According to an interview published Friday by The Nation, Fireboy also wants his music to leave a positive impact on people’s lives.

“My obsession with legacy, is like my love for legacy. When I google people like KSA, Fela, and Michael Jackson, I check their discography and I see 55 albums and I say that is what I want,he told the paper.

“I want people to google about me and say this Fireboy guy is so good at what he does or sings a lot.

“That is what I want for me. Aside from people saying good stuff about my person or my impact, I want them to say I have a lot of discographies, five out of his albums saved my life, and this album changed my life and much more.

Fireboy DML


“That is what I want for me and I will not rest, I will not die until I achieve all these.”

The 26-year-old also cleared the assumptions regarding his image sparked by the title of his latest album “Playboy”

“I want to put out a disclaimer that it’s not the kind of playboy you think, or what everybody thinks, he explained.

Fireboy DML

“Not a playboy that breaks your heart, this is just a young man that is starting to come out of his shell to play, express himself, have fun, to experience life, to step into his superstar element. I’ve been shying away from it for the past couple of years.

“The past three years of my career I’ve been a blown, established artist so I think it’s time for me to just step out and actually enjoy the fame that I’ve worked for over the past two years.”



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