Video: BB Naija’s Cross Sparks Reactions On Social Media By Kissing His Mum On The Lips


Former Big Brother Naija housemate Cross, sparked mixed reactions on social media after posting a video which shows him kissing his mother on the lips.


Big brother naija cross

In the clip shared by the 30-year-old on Friday, he is reunited with his mum after returning from a trip.

The heartwarming video opens with both mother and son hugging each other while his mother says some prayers.

Cross then kissed her forehead and planted several kisses on her lips, leading to criticism on social media.





“Nice but why do you have to kiss her lips to lips tho,” asked one user.

“Omo!! Kiss on the lips?? Hope I’m not the only one having this odd mentality that it looks weird?”asked another.








Big brother naija cross kisses mom on the lips

The reaction was not all negative though, as some users defended the mother and son.

“All my eyes saw is family love inseparable. Nothing abstract,” noted one user.

While another wrote: “Those kisses ehn, chai. Thank you mama for visiting.”





Big brother naija cross kisses mom on the lips

This is not the first time the  fitness entrepreneur and his mum have melted hearts with their close relationship. Shortly after Cross left the Big Brother Naija house in October 2021, his mum outlined her plans to use his platform to spread the gospel.



Big brother naija cross kisses mom on the lips



“It is funny but it is not funny. Companies are coming, brands are coming for their products. I, myself; I have my own product; the gospel is my own product,” she told him in a video posted  to Instagram.

“That is why I said, ‘Cross, as companies are calling you to be their ambassador, Holy Ghost school is calling you, Cross, to be our ambassador to preach the gospel.’




Big brother naija cross kisses mom on the lips

“That is what I want. But Cross, other companies can pay you but we are not going to pay; you will do it for God.

“This is what I was called for and created for and whatever I can do to please and serve God, I will. My calling is preaching the gospel.

“God sent you there for the gospel.

“As companies are using your platform, I will also use it to preach the gospel.

“So what I ask you is that all the time whenever I need you, please give your consent for the gospel that we preach.

“All these your lovers, you know that there are a lot of them, tell them that Jesus needs them. So bring them to the Holy Ghost. We are going to ‘ship’ together.

“That is what I learnt from Big Brother, ‘shipping together’. We are going to ‘ship’ together with all your lovers and fans, in the name of Jesus.”



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