How To Dress Like Tems And Pull Off The ‘Rebel’ Look (Photos)


She’s one of the most in-demand Nigerian artists of the moment. But Tems has also managed to capture the attention of the notoriously snobby international fashion world, bagging deals with Tommy Hilfiger Jeans and Reebok.

Tems for Reebok



Tems fashion


And if the fashion world is paying attention then she must be doing something right style-wise.

So here are six ways to steal her signature alté-meets-90s African American RnB video vixen style

  1. You’ll need lots of dark colours: She’s recently started incorporating bits of colour in her wardrobe but Tems still loves dark colours.

So if you wanna dress like her, the it’s time to stock up on the black, dark green and navy blue pieces.


Tems style

Tems sitting on the staircase

  1. Add a pop of colour: The Tems way to do this is to slip into a dark green pleated dress or an orange satin jumpsuit.


Tems style

Tems fashion sense

3. Embrace Layers: Throw a baggy denim jacket over your top. Bonus points if you let the jacket slip off your shoulders for that too cool for school vibe that she loves.

Tems style


4. Neutral makeup with a killer highlighter, brown lip liner and lots of clear lipgloss. Like a lot.

Tems style

5. Sunglasses: Temilade likes them big, bold and black

Tems style

6. Braids, worn down your shoulders or in an updo with one or two strands framing your face and your edges laid.

Tems style



Combine this with killer curves,  a calm mysterious aura and a sultry expression in all your photos and you’ll do Tems proud.

You’re welcome.




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