I Have Only One Years Left To Remain A Fool, Yvonne Jegede Jokes On Her 39th Birthday


Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede jokes that she has only one year left to remain a fool in a post shared on her 39th birthday.


Yvonne jegede

The Delta-native who found fame as a vixen on the video for 2 Face’s 2005 song “African Queen” went completely makeup free and wore a black and red knit dress for the video.





Shortly after her 36th birthday in 2020, Yvonne posted a public statement in which she apologized especially to her ex-husband rapper, Abounce, with who she shares a three-year-old son, Xavier.


Yvonne jegede

Reflecting on her experience over the last few years, the actress vowed to start on a clean slate going forward.


Yvonne jegede

“The last few years have been such an experience, I’ve had the high, the low, the incredible and the not so incredible,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I’ve been hurt and I have hurt people as well but after my last birthday few days ago, I decided to totally let go of the past and earnest the opportunity in the present and reach out to the future to create a better story for myself and my family.

“To this end, I am reaching out to all my Ex-es, the one I wouldn’t talk to or work with anymore, to say-I have forgiven you and I am also apologizing to those I have hurt because in relationships, it takes two(2) to tangle so I am also sorry.


Yvonne jegede

“To my Ex-husband, it is nothing but love, peace and mutual respect. The past is past, it didn’t work out, we should move on.

“To business associates and friends turn strangers, for the moment I hurt you, I am deeply sorry. To those I felt hurt me, I have also forgiven. Let us work together again, let’s be cool again even if we are not best of friends.

“To my fans, thank you for standing by this Choco Girl and to the whole wide world, I am starting afresh, please join me in this new journey.”




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