BNXN And Buju Reignite Their Feud As They Throw Shots At Each Other On Twitter


Singers BNXN fka Buju and Ruger have reignited their feud which started last month when Ruger claimed he is a better artist that BNXN.


Ruger and BNXN feud

The “Girlfriend” singer had taken a shot at BNXN’s collaborations with other artists claiming that he does not need anyone else to get a hit.



BNXN and Ruger Frud

The issue dragged on for a couple of days with other artistes like Omah Lay and Victony getting involved at some time.

BNXN reignited the feud again today, sharing a screenshot of his latest album “Bad Since 97” which is currently number one on the Apple Music Chart.

He then added a caption which looks like it may have been inspired by the line- “What if, What if I do?” from Ruger’s song “Girlfriend.”

“What if I what if I what if I COOOKKKK,” he wrote.


BNXN and Ruger Frud



Ruger fired back a few minutes later, resorting to his old insult about BNXN’s collaborations and some body-shaming for good measure.

“Get a solo hit then talk to me fatty bum bum.”




BNXN and Ruger Frud

“Man had to body shame? hurt him deeeeep,” Ruger replied.

And then he boasted: “Project #1 and I didn’t have to whine my waist.”




BNXN and Ruger Frud

The “Kilometre” singer then shared screenshots of Ruger’s projects “Pandemic” and “The Second Wave” sitting at number 33 and number 164 on the charts respectively.



BNXN and Ruger Frud

Before going on to mock Ruger’s signature eyepatch, calling him a “Baba Frayo swag-jacking pirate,” referring to the veteran 90s singer who popularized the eye patch in Nigeria.


BNXN and Ruger Frud



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