Alexx Ekubo Contemplates Moving To Canada


Nollywood actor Alexx Ekubo has revealed that he is thinking about moving to Canada.


Alexx Ekubo

The 36-year-old who is currently in the North American country, shared his relocation plans on Instagram Thursday when posted pictures of himself with a breathtaking view of the cloud.

He also advised others planning to do the same not be discouraged by negative stories about the weather.

“Update: ‘Canada is cold’ ‘Canada is cold’ na lie abeg,” he wrote in the caption.

“No let anybody deceive you my brothers and sisters. Apply and come here. The weather is beautiful. E be like say I go start my relocation process now.”


This comes after the Abia-native expressed his pride about his Igbo heritage after attending the ‘Iri Ji’ the New Yam Festival in Calgary.

First of all, Igbo Kwenu!,” he captioned a picture which shows him in the traditional Isi Agwu outfit.




Alexx Ekubo

“Just so there is no confusion, I am from Ujari, Arochukwu in Abia State. Aro Okeigbo kwenu!

“I had to represent my community at the Calgari Iri Ji (New Yam Festival) over the weekend. It was a beautiful gathering of the Igbo across board, I felt right at home.”





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