56 Sits Well On Me Because Of You, Tony Umez Tells His Wife As He Celebrates His Birthday


Nollywood actor Tony Umez thanked his his family, friends and fans for their role in his life as he celebrates his 56th birthday. 

Tony Umez celebrates wife on birthday

The “Billionaires Club” star was especially full of praises for his wife of 23 years Patsy, telling her “56 looks good on me because of you.”


Tony Umez celebrates wife on birthday




Tony and Patsy got married in 1999 and share four daughters, Princess, Beautiful, Angel and Golden-Michelle Umez.




They met in 1994 on the set of a film produced by their church.

“I met my wife on set. Our church was to do a programme and I was invited to feature in the film,” Tony told Nigerianfilms.com in 2010.

“My friend, who was supposed to play the lead role, did not come regularly I took the script and read it. I told them I would do no other role except the lead and they said it was okay. The day I went was the day my wife came too and she played my wife in the movie.

“It got to a point that the movie got stagnated, but it eventually came out as Karanja. She played Mrs. Pascal and I was Mr. Pascal.

He explained that he was however, reluctant to ask her out because he thought she was already in a relationship.



Tony Umez celebrates wife on birthday

“When I first saw her, she threw me off my feet with her comportment. When you see her, everything is calculated: measured gait and other positive features of a confident person.

“At that time I said there was no way she would not be hooked to someone. However, I realised, through my friend, Tunde Yesufu, who is now a pastor in Uganda, that she liked me.

“There was a day I didn’t turn up for rehearsals and she asked after me from my friend. My friend said again that the lady liked me.

“I said that since I have been eyeing her, I would approach her. I told her I wanted her to be mine, she said we could be friends. I told her that was not what I wanted. We eventually started dating on December 4, 1994.

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