Simi Wears An Oversized Blue Jacket and White Knee-High Boots Before Joining Falz On State In Houston


Singer Simi donned a stylish pair of oversized studded blue coat and white thigh-high boots for her performance in Houston.

Simi wears blue coat in houston

The “Duduke” singer wore also a blue bustier and short skirt white miniskirt as she and wore her hair in a blonde bob.



Simi wears blue coat in houston

To perform with frequent collaborator Falz, she changed into a black bustier and pink wide-legged trousers accessorized with two rows of silvers necklaces and several silver rings.

Simi wears blue coat in houston

Simi and Falz are close friends and were even rumored to be dating but the rumors were put to rest after Simi announced her surprise marriage to Adekunle Gold in 2019.

Simi wears blue coat in houston

In a 2016 interview with The Punch, she described him as “friend and nothing more”

“Falz is my really good friend and nothing more. We get along really well, because he’s a realist. People keep asking us to get married though, so I suppose I’m going to have to marry everyone I record a song with,” said in 2016

But her marriage to Adekunle was apparently not enough for some persistent fans as she revealed in 2020, telling This Day Style that fans would DM her to say they wish she had married the rapper instead.

“People thinking it was Falz I would have gotten married to was funny. I still get comments from people in my DM that they wish it was Falz I got married to”, she said.

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