I Will Run On The Third Mainland Bridge If… M.I Abaga


Rapper MI Abaga has promised to run from one end of the third mainland bridge to the other is he new album “The Guy” goes to top 10.

MI Abaga to run on third mainland bridge

The 40-year-old initially made the promise on Twitter shortly after the album dropped at midnight and joked that Chocolate City label mate Blaqbonez was not making him say it.

He tweeted: “If I get a top ten recordz… I will run from one end of third mainland to the next.. live on IG.. during Monday traffic.


MI Abaga to run on third mainland bridge

Shortly after the record- his 12th studio album- went to number 13., he repeated the promise, this time in a video posted to the same platform.

“So I was playing yesterday with you guys, I said if I get a top 10 record I’ll runnthird mainland bridge from on end to the other and we’re at number 13 now.

“So I promise if we get bigger… bigger especially because first of all it’s a great record but especially it’s a rap record

“If we can get it to the top 10. On Tuesday morning cuz Monday I’m gonna be in Port Harcourt, I will run during traffic hours as you guys are on your way to work.

“I will run third mainland from one end to the other end in shorts, a t shirt and sneakers

“This is crazy guys, I appreciate it you guys. Thank you so much for all the support…”

But in the caption of the video, he stated that he would jog on the bridge.

MI Abaga to run on third mainland bridge

This did not go down well with Blaqbonez who reminded him that he had promised to run not jog.

MI Abaga to run on third mainland bridge

The comment section was soon flooded by fans who promised to get him to the top for the chance to see him  take on the challenge.

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