How My Sister Helped Me Become Who I Am Today – Temi Otedola Discusses Relationship With DJ Cuppy


Temiloluwa Elizabeth Otedola is the last daughter of Nigerian billionaire and businessman, Femi Otedola and the younger sister of popular disc jockey Cuppy and singer, Tolani Otedola.

A few years ago, after her success in blogging, she launched a career in the movie industry. She rose to fame in 2020 following her appearance in the film Citation.

dj cuppy sister temi otedola

In just a few years, the beautiful actress has established herself as one of the country’s most loved actresses, whom fans love seeing on the big screen.

In a recent interview with The Beat 99.9 FM , the 26-year old actress, known for her highly profile relationship with Mr. Eazi, spoke about her family and laid more emphasis on how her sister helped and inspired her to become who she is today. Speaking about bearing the name Otedola and the weight it carries globally, This is what she has to say about it.

dj cuppy sister

To be honest, I didn’t realize it until I was a teenager, and I mainly realized it when people wanted to be friends with me for the wrong reasons. They have nothing to do with me, but they just want to be my friends.

But my childhood was very much like quote on quote normal. Me and my parents are very close now, like we are all super close. Like when we were young , my parents were strict, like, we didn’t go out, we couldn’t do anything, we didn’t do all these crazy parties or crazy presents, or anything, so my childhood felt very normal, but it was very difficult from my own perspective.

Speaking on how she screened people who just wanted to be her friends for the wrong reasons just because she bears the name Temi Otedola, she said.

Over the years, I became very intuitive of people’s energy. I felt like I could almost read what people wanted and when they wanted it, and if they simply just wanted something from me, that’s it. So I kept all my best friends from that day, but I do have new friends.

She also detailed how the family now shares a strong bond after having a strict childhood experience. Well, she gave her mother that credit for making it that easy and possible because they have a family communion every Sunday.


Finally, speaking about how Cuppy taught her to be confident despite being the shy and quiet one, she showered her sister with encomium and thanked her for helping her live her life in the fast lane. She continued


One thing with Cuppy is that she doesn’t care, and in fact, she always loves it when people are upset with what she does. At the end of the day, she’s like, “This is not your life, and she does whatever she wants whenever she wants,” like she just dances to the beat of her own drum.

My sister inspired me to just go after what I wanted. I didn’t even know if I would even be where I am if I didn’t have a sister like that. I just looked up to her so much when I was a young teenager.

And she was the school cafeteria DJ from a young age.And that definitely instilled in me that you would keep on trying and trying till it stuck.

My sister has set a very high standard. I mean, she’s doing her Master’s in Oxford now. It’s good to have someone who just keeps setting the bar and inspiring me to be a better person.

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