Amaka Makes Peace With Phyna After Their Fight Over Groovy


They recently disagreed over Phyna’s relationship with Groovy. But on Monday Amaka made it clear that she would not let a man come between them as she apologized for the misunderstanding.

Amaka had earlier told Phyna that she had feelings about Groovy, who was involved with Beauty at the time.

But after Beauty was disqualified for getting physical with Groovy over his closeness to Chomzy, he and  Phyna became an item.





The two even shared a kiss last week. This did not go down well with Amaka leading to their disagreement.


But Amaka proved she was the bigger person by apologizing to her friend on Monday, telling her: ‘It’s a fact that I will not come and be angry with the both of you. But as a human being, I will go through some feelings…

‘It’s fine, we’re good and a man cannot bring problem between the both of us…

‘And this is a new week, a new week for possibility, we are queens. We cannot just drop our crowns…’

The 23-year-old health care worker also admitted that Phyna deserves Groovy since she was brave enough to shoot her shot at him, unlike her.



Amaka had earlier opened up to fake housemate Modella about how she felt about Phyna’s betrayal: ‘I didn’t want to judge him on that…

‘I wanted to watch until that Saturday day night party to be sure but everything is on me. I don’t fault Phyna for anything. My only point was that when you were stating your point , why did you have to say “Amaka said she like Groovy, she likes Giddyfia.”

‘She even said that I said I want to have Giddyfia in level one and Groovy in level two…,’ she told her. 

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