Saturday Night Party Highlights: Dramatic Moments On And Off The Dance Floor (Videos)


The Big Brother Naija season 7 housemates had a little too much to drink last night as different sects of ‘Vawulence’ took prevalence after the Saturday night party.

While new ships like Doyin and Cyph begin to hold more sway, popular lovers like Beauty and Groovy appear to have had one of their few too many moments of squabbles in less than two weeks of their ‘ship’.

The housemates, especially the level 2 occupants were in high spirits before the party as they looked forward to meeting housemates in level 1. While the lights and loud music blared, the housemates from both levels found pockets of moments to get to know each other.

Some could be heard exchanging birthday dates, while others discussed zodiac signs and how it affects their relationships. The dance floor was not as chaotic as the final moments of the night that would have different lovers yell out over what transpired during the party’s heat.

Beauty Goes Berserk Again

Beauty risks it all again after her love interest, Groovy danced with Chomzy after she’d expressly warned him not to go near her. Recall Beauty got a strike from Biggie last week after similar event had occurred at the last weekend Saturday night party.

According to Groovy, he did not dance with Chomzy but found he hard to avoid her as she was all over him on the dance floor. Beauty responding to Groovy as Khalid and Daniella try to play emissaries to the loves’ bouts, said she didn’t care about his explanation.

Groovy further explained that Beauty almost destroyed his audio set while pulling him away from Chomzy on the dance floor – An act that could get him in real trouble with Big Brother.

Bryann Gravitates towards Chi Chi

While the future of Beauty and Groovy’s relationship gets foggy, we’ve a new ship brewing up in Bryann and Chi Chi. The duo were caught having moments with each other at the party. Their synergy on the dance floor led to a more quiet moment where Bryann told Chi Chi that he can ‘tell she’s dramatic’ – Good spot Bryann.

Khalid and Daniella’s ‘Jack And Rose’ moment

Last week’s bundle of surprise, Khalid and Daniella also had their purple patch halted after a slightly heated argument last night. Khalid, a devout Muslim is seemingly having problems with Daniella’s drinking habits. He warns her to cut her heavy intake or risk losing him in the relationship. Fans would agree that the couple found ways to address their issues while still oozing of pheromones for each other.

Daniella on the other hand seemed distressed as her man faces possible eviction alongside four others tonight at the Sunday live show.

Cyph and Doyin – The most polarized Ship

Cyph and Doyin also stole the night on and off the dance floor. Give it up to the most polarized ‘ship’ in the house as viewers express their exasperation and admiration about the duo. While catching up on the dance floor, Doyin tells Cyph that she hates Sheggz and everyone else in the house 2.

“I hate Sheggz, I don’t like anyone in the house, they’re too negative for my liking” Doyin confides in Cyph.

Sheggz And Bella’s Quite Night

Bella and Sheggz on the other hand had a rather quiet night. They were almost inseparable throughout the night and there were moments Sheggz had to look out for a tipsy Bella – This act scored the footballer a point among the viewers.

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