You Can’t Conclude That Your Wife Is Unfaithful From a DNA Test, Mary Njoku Tells Men


Nollywood actress Mary Njoku has advised men not to conclude that their wives have been unfaithful from a DNA paternity test.

She suggested that they conduct another one to confirm if the child belongs to their wives.

Mary njoku advice men on dna

The 37-year-old gave the advice on Instagram on Thursday, writing: Dear Men, you cannot conclude that your wife is unfaithful just because you found out your child isn’t yours.

Please do another DNA test to check if the child is hers. Strange things are happening everywhere.’

Mary has been to Iroko TV boss, Jason Njoku since 2012 and they share three children together.


Mary Njoku advice men on dna test

She frequently her views on marriage and family with her 1.2 million Instagram followers.

In April the CEO of ROK TV adviced men to practice an open marriage if their wives cannot satisfy them sexually.

She wrote: ‘Dear married men, if your wife cannot satisfy your inner room needs kindly open your marriages and with her blessing, you can have peace of mind to descretly share your talent with the world. While she quietly and respectfully helps herself too, with your blessing ofcourse. Being with one man for the rest of her life is BORING too. But she loves you to much to complain’

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