Latasha Lagos Tackles Ali Baba Over his Comments About Nollywood Actresses’ Source of Income


Media personality, Latasha Lagos, has slammed comedian, Ali Baba for his comments about Nollywood actresses who live a lavish lifestyle despite not earning much from acting.

Ali Baba had earlier slammed the actresses for creating unrealistic expectations and a false impression of the industry.

‘… How many movies have you done that gave you N45 million to buy a house? You that just joined the industry? People that joined since have not bought…

Even you act in every movie and they pay you five million, how many movies do you do in a year? He asked.



The ‘The Wedding Party’ star however, exempted actresses who have multiple sources of his income from his argument,saying: ‘We know the ones that use their publicity to do business….Selling clothes, oil, wigs.

Latasha took to the comment section of the video to share her view, labelling his comments as sexist and an ‘attack on women’


Latasha Lagos Tackles Ali Baba over comments on Nollywood actresses source of income

This comes after two kidnapped Nollywood stars, Cynthia Okereke and Clemson Cornel were released by their abductors after initially demanding a $100,0000 ransom.

The huge amount elicited reactions from some members of the industry like Monalisa Chinda, Hilda Dokubo and Lizzy Gold who pointed out that most actors are not as rich as the public thinks.

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