Big Brother Naija: Avoid Another Strike, Groovy Advises Love Interest, Beauty


Beauty and Groovy, who make up one of the most popular ‘ships’ in Level 2 of the Big Brother Naija house held a mini strategy session on Thursday.


The session saw Groovy advise his love interest to done everything possible to avoid another strike in order to stay in the competition for as long as possible.

‘… Moving forward, you have to understand that you already have a strike so anybody who wants to get you out of the house will try to add to that strike.

‘They’ll try to get you to react. So the question is, will you react? … So how do you be yourself and at the same time stay in the game…?’ he asked her.

Beauty received a strike after the Saturday night party for her fight with Ilebaye. The ex-Miss Nigeria, wasn’t happy that Groovy had spent the night dancing with Chomzy and she told Ilebaye about it.

Ilebaye, one of her closest friends in the house, tried to talk to her about her reaction but she was having none of it. Things got heated and she eventually  charged at Ilebaye  and removed her wig.



For her action, Big Brother issued her a strike while Illebaye received a stern warning. According to the rules of the game, a housemate who receives three strikes in disqualified and kicked out of the house

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