Big Brother Naija: Amaka and Phyna Complain About Missing Condoms


The condoms in the level 2  house aka ‘the trenches’ of the Big Brother Naija show are apparently disappearing at an alarming rate and Amaka and Phyna are concerned about it.

The two had an emergency meeting on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the issue with Phyna joking that the culprits would soon be exposed.

‘No worry, them go play all of them cassette. As all of dem dey kn*ck for dis house… using the c*ndoms … dis one go say no be am, dis one go say no be am… Who is using the c*ndom? C*ndom dey finish, dem dey replace c*ndom for only 12 peope…. Who dey use am?! Phyna asked loudly.

‘Dem no go gree,’ replied Amaka.

Phyna then suggested that the condoms be publicly counted next time they are restocked to get to the bottom of the matter.

The two have apparently patched their differences after getting into a few nasty fights at the beginning of the show.


It seems Amaka might have a clue as to who the culprits could be as she caught Daniella and Khalid enjoying an intimate session under the sheets last night.

Beauty and Groovy could also be responsible for the disappearing c*ndoms as they have also been spotted getting cuddling under the covers.

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