Video: Alexx Ekubo Buys A New House, Ignores Former Fiancée Fancy Acholonu’s Latest Statement


Nollywood actor Alexx Ekubo has shared a video of his new multi-million naira smart home.

‘New month, new home. Thank you lord for the gift of new. I’m grateful…,’ he captioned the post shared to Instagram on Monday.

The 36-year-old is yet to publicly respond to his former fiancée Fancy Acholonu, who released a new statement about their relationship and the reasons why she called off their engagement in 2021.

In the statement shared to Instagram on Friday, she explained that she had forgiven the actor for betraying her and also clarified on her initial advice for him to ‘live his truth.

She explained that she did not mean that he was gay as was widely reported.

‘I want to clear the air about a statement I made to the public regarding the demise of my engagement with Alexx.

‘During an emotional state of mind, I announced I had ended things, in hindsight that detail wasn’t necessary to be revealed as it only complicated things more….



‘In the five sentences I wrote, the highlighted part that was all over the media was “live in your truth” I never said Alex should live in “his” truth.


‘My words were misconstrued and now understandably directed at him because of the gay rumours that have followed him for years…’





Alex proposed to Fancy at a surprise engagement party in May 2021 and their wedding date was set for November 20, 2021.

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