Season 7 of the BBNaija show, completed its first week.

The week saw its share of twists and turns, from separation into different houses, fights, romance, victory, and disappointment.

Both in the house and outside of it, certain housemates have provided entertaining content that has propelled them to the top of discussions inside and outside the House.

Whether its romance, abrasive personalities, social media followership or personal achievements in the house, here are the top housemates of week 1 of the level up season


Daniella emerged as an early favorite, owing to her easy-going and likable personality. Her early alliance with Bryann ensured that she would be a regular on our screens.

The Daniella and Bryann ship seems to hit the rocks and the former has seemed to develop an attraction to Kahlid.

So far she has proven to be a top candidate.


Adekunle was an instant heartthrob as he climbed the big brother stage. He captivated the audience immediately with his suave looks and sonorous voice. In the house, he seems to have captured the interest of quite a few girls, most especially Allysyn. However, it may seem as though his secret feelings for Bella remain unrequited despite their cordial and close friendship.

Fans speculate that there might be underlying tensions between Adekunle and Sheggz.


Nobody generated more attention and social media search on their introduction than the enigmatic Hermes. From tales about his polyamorous relationships to his family troubles with his parents and siblings, Hermes has grown to be a fan favorite.


Bryann was the star of the first opening night show, the entertainer armed with good looks and an equally charming personality warmed his way into the heart of the viewing audience and quite a few of his female level two housemates, including Ilebaye and Daniella.

The self-proclaimed ashewo has kept fans guessing about his next romantic conquests while his music has begun to garner more plays outside the house.


Groovy BBNaija Biography, Net worth, Date of Birth, Age, State of Origin, career

The embattled loverboy of the show has spent majority of the week falling in and out of love with his romantic interest, Beauty. The early chemistry between Groovy and Beauty led them to be the second most talked about ship in the house.

Their turbulent love affair spiraled into a violent outburst by Beauty on Saturday night after the party, where she accused groovy of flirting with female housemates.


A “late bloomer”, Doyin started to leave her mark on the show after confessing her feelings for Sheggz, few days later she would go on to engage in verbal spats with the United Kingdom returnee, for which she apologized.

Doyin’s time to really shine under the sun, will be at the Saturday Night Party, where she dominated highlights and headlines, from her kiss with Cyph, to her gossip with Beauty which inadvertently led to the fight in level two house, later in the night.


The inaugural head of house, has had one of the best first weeks in the show’s history. Aside from winning the show’s first HoH task, he managed to capture the heart of Phyna in the opposite House.

Outside the house, Eloswag’s dancing videos have been going viral, but his most talked about moment was linked to the inscription on his shirt, subtly campaigning for Labor Party’s presidential hopeful. Peter Obi.


Nobody dominated headlines and highlights more than the ex-pageant queen. If she is not talked about for her looks, commentaries about her pettiness and indecision with groovy will dominate BBnaija conversations.

Most recently, Beauty’s spat with Ilebaye and Bryann has left her fans in a head scratch and worried for her stay in the house. However for the viewers, it is premium content.


The IJGB of season 7, is a fan favorite and the consensus “finest boy’ this season.

While fans expected Sheggz to be a playboy of the ilk of the likes of Cross and Kiddwaya, Sheggz has surprisingly cast his gaze on only one woman in the house, Bella.

The combination of their collective acclaim has made them the ultimate power couple of the season.


The belle of the ball, Bella is widely considered one of the most beautiful and popular female housemates of both houses. Asides from holding the gaze of the most attractive males in her level, she has also been the object of desire from housemates of level two.

But Bella is not a damsel in distress, she will not shy away from confrontation and will occasionally drop her condescending statements.

The mystery surrounding her beauty and unpredictable attitude shoots her to the top of our housemates’ list.

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