4 Nigerian Celebrity Couples Who Disliked Themselves At First Sight


It is loosely said that the best love stories start awkwardly – We can draw inference from the famous Romeo and Juliet folklore where the most uncoupling set fell in love despite the lifelong vendetta between the Montague and the Capulet families.

Today we take a look at the account of Nigerian celebrities who did not feel the butterfly in their bellies the first time they met their significant others.

Let’s have at it below:

Temi Otedola and Mr. Eazi

On their joint podcast, “How Far”, Temi Otedola revealed that the first time she met Mr. Eazi, she thought he was an asshole. She said:

Temi: Someone had told me “I’m gonna go do something in the club, I brought my friend here so just make sure he’s okay, give him drinks, he came on his ones,” and me being someone who likes to be friendly to strangers I was like “Heyyy do you live in London? Can I get you a drink? What have you been up to?” I was just on my usual cute, let’s be nice, let’s meet people vibes. And I was like this guy is an asshole like why is he being so rude?”

Eazi: Because I was trying to let you know that hey I’m not interested, I’m just here to watch this person and I’m not interested in moving to you.

Jason Njoku and Mary Njoku

Nigerian media honcho, Jason Njoku revealed in a tweet that when he and his actress wife, Mary started talking, he fell for her faster than she fell for him and so she thought he was “crazy” and “intense”. He wrote:

This is actually the day I met @maryremmynjoku that very evening we had our first 3hr conversation. 4 days later I told her I loved her and we will probably get married and spend the rest of our lives together. As a lagos girl she thought I was crazy and a little intense.

She was right. But 8 years later. Here we are. Celebrating another birthday. Another year. From all of us Njoku folk we wish Mrs Njoku an awesome day 💍🎊🎁🎈🎀🎇

Simi and Adekunle Gold.

Arguably . Simi explained that Adekunle Gold hit her up and at the time she didn’t even respond. She said:

He was chasing me all over Facebook and everything. No seriously, cause when I was still doing gospel music, he used to listen to my songs. He sent me messages on Facebook, that’s how he reached out to me. I didn’t know him at the time, I didn’t respond.

First time I ever saw him I was supposed to do a show at Bogobiri and he said “I’m going to be there”, I said “Oh sure” and then he actually came and I was like who is this skinny boy (laughs).

That’s the first time I ever met him, then over the years we were friends, and then…

Banky W and Adesua Etomi

The story between Banky W and Adesua Etomi’s meeting is by far one of the cutest things you’ll read today. We’ll start with Banky’s side and then Adesua’s side.

So, in an essay that Banky wrote to Adesua, he talks about first meeting her and here’s what he wrote:

We crossed paths 2 or 3 times since 2012, but I wasn’t paying enough attention. Destiny was staring me right in the face and I was too caught up in my own hustle and paper chase, to know it. In June 2015 however, God brought you my way again, and this time, I really SAW you. I was smitten by your grace, aura, and beauty. So smitten infact, that even though I didn’t get to say a word to you that day (because you were seated far across the room), I immediately called my best friend @captdemuren and told him I’d found my next girlfriend. LOL. He laughed.

I asked one or two people about you.. your manager Isioma, who I’d worked with previously, and then I did some research myself. Googled you, stalked your instagram.. the whole 9 yards, and the more I found out, the more you seemed like a breath of fresh air.

And so, after his stalking and pursuing, Adesua too really didn’t pay attention to him as she says in her own letter which she posted to social media. She said:

I went to an event in 2015 and I suppose that was the beginning of something amazing because once Banky saw me, he decided that he was going to be my biggest fan.

He slid into my DM and sent the funniest message and that was how we became friends. At the time, I wasn’t interested in anything but a friendship and he was very respectful of that and so we stayed just friends for about a year and a half.

Our friendship opened my eyes to a lot of things. Opened my eyes to the type of man Olubankole is and WHAT A MAN. WHAT A MIGHTY GOOD MAN.

Olubankole, Your Heart is pure and good, to the very core. You are proof that God is real, you are proof that what’s on the inside is greater and so much more powerful than what we see on the outside and you are the evidence of what I hoped for.

I bless God for entrusting my heart in your hands because I know it’s safe. You are everything i prayed for and so much more.

Thank you for praying with me, fasting with me, always making time for me, laughing with me, and caring more about me than yourself. Thank you for being kind, loving and full of Integrity.

And I’d like to say one more thing. I’m SO SORRY that it took me sooo long to realise that it was you. It has always been you. It couldn’t have been anyone else. In February 2017, you said you couldn’t be without me and asked me to be your wife and I said YES cause I can’t be without you. It will be an absolute pleasure and one of the greatest blessings of my life to walk the path of life with you. Thank you for being who you are.

My goodluck charm, my King, my lover, my bestfriend.

I love you till eternity and beyond.

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