Ooni of Ife’s Three Wives: A Timeline of his Marriage History


The Ooni of Ife Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, has been married three times and has two children from two different women.

His first marriage was in 2008 before he became king. He married Adebukola Bombota but the marriage ended after a few years.

Then in 2016 after becoming king, he married Olori Wuraola Zainab whom he divorced in 2017.

Hi last marriage was in 2018 to Olori Naomi Moronke Silekunola, a prophetess.


The union ended in December 2021, a year after they welcomed their son.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the queen confirmed their separation and explained that she plans to focus on her son going forward.

But in a surprise twist, the palace spokesperson Comrade Moses Olafare, denied knowledge of the separation

‘Separation is a two-way affair, it is not something that is announced by one party. The announcements of separation are subject to agreement by both parties, so, to that extent. The palace is not aware of such separation because we all went to bed last night having the king and queen being together.

‘So, if by this morning, the queen went to her social media to write that she is no longer in marriage with Ooni, we will look into it to see whether or not the Instagram page truly belong to her, and to know the reason behind it.

“But as at today, (Thursday) this moment, (6pm) the palace is not aware of the separation. Marriage is a private affair, no matter how prominent the personalities involved, it is a private affair. We will dig deeper and know what happened but as I said, all of us just woke up to see read about the separation on social media”.

‘Even by this time yesterday, (Wednesday) kabiyesi was still packaging a special gift for her. If you want to separate with someone you cannot be packaging a gift for her. I was aware that Kabiyesi was putting special gifts for her for Christmas.

‘If he is not in love with her, he cannot be doing that, only to wake up the following morning to hear from the public that she’s no longer in the relationship. In fact, the Christmas gift has been delivered to her already. We are not aware of any separation yet,’ he said.

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