Never let a stranger into your home, Cossy Ojiakor recalls first meeting with Halima Abubakar


Nollywood actress Cossy Ojiakor has warned her fans to ‘never let an uninvited stranger’ into their home.

The 37-year-old gave the advice on Wednesday while recalling her first meeting with fellow actress, Halima Abubakar. She explained that contrary to Halima’s claims, she was the one who accommodated her when she was stranded.

‘Story story story . Inside Nollywood by @cossybarbie. The Knock:::::: I heard the knock . Then I saw a strange lady by the door. ‘She told me she got my house address from a mutual friend.

‘Mr Boris… (verifiable link) well I allowed her in. She told me her name is Halima an actress……
‘MORAL OF THE STORY …..never let an uninvited stranded stranger without accommodation into your home….. after allowing them to stay in your home they will turn the story upside down and claim they paid your rent and squatted you. tomorrow the halima swollen belly of lies drops on cossytv…,’ she wrote.


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Halima had earlier called out Cossy for being ungrateful after Cossy mocked her following a popular blogger’s claims that she developed a strange ailment after sleeping with Apostle Johnson Suleiman.



She claimed she fed and housed Cossy for a whole year. The Kano-born actress also lashed out at another actress, Shan George, who publicly defended the pastor.


Earlier today Apostle Suleiman brushed off the allegations and even denied knowing some of the celebrities whom the blogger claimed he has been sleeping with

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