Portable Apologizes To The Headies After Disqualification.


Controversial singer Portable, has apologized to the Headies after he was disqualified after a string of public relations blunders.

The 27-year-old who had earlier brushed off the news of his disqualification seemed to have had a change of heart today and apologized to the organizers of the award.

He also urged his fans to vote for the nominees in spite of his disqualification.



The Headies on Tuesday announced that it had disqualified Portable, born Habib Okikiola, over the ‘incessant negative attention he has garnered from the police and the public.’

Shortly after the nominations were announced in May, Portable was caught on video threatening to kill or injure his fellow nominees and the organizers if he did not win.

Then in June, a video surfaced on the ‘Zazuu Zeh’ crooner ordering his friends to beat up one of his associates, DJ Chicken.

And in July he released another video claiming to be the founder of the notorious cult group, One Million Boys.

He later appeared to backtrack on that comment after the police announced that it was investigating him for it.

The news of his disqualification divided opinions on social media. Some Nigerians applauded the organizers while other slammed the decision, labelling the move as hypocritical as other artists who have less than stellar records did not face the same penalty.

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